About Me

Hi! My name is Damian Król.

I'm a programmer living in Lublin, Poland. My main interests are Azure cloud computing and programming in Java, however my ambition doesn't end here and I keep learning new technologies. After hours I like to sit back, grab a cup of tea and play my bass guitar.

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Technologies I know

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Technical School

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My technical education began in Electronic Technical School in Lublin, which I graduated as an Information and Communication Technologies technician. At the time of my graduation, this school was in top 5 technical schools in Poland and the best in the region. The incredible teachers I met there taught me everything I needed to pass the exams and more, including:
-Designing local computer networks and network administration
-Commissioning and maintenance of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) devices and connections
-Installation and operation of wide area networks


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During the 7 semesters I spent at Lublin University of Technology I've had the pleasure of learning basics of various technologies from masters in the field. Said technologies include but are not limited to:
-Creating web applications with Laravel
-Writing processing and sorting algorithms
-Creating math models in MATLAB
-Linux systems administration
-Graphic design and 3D modelling
I also took part in a summer internship led by Doctor of Engineering Tomasz Szymczyk, during which I was working on adaptation of a ready-made PlayStation VR application created in Unreal Engine for Android using Google Cardboard platform.

Transition Technologies

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In July 2021 I started a 3-month internship in Transition Technologies-Software. In this time, I improved my teamwork and programming skills by participating in the creation of a commercial application utilizing Spring Cloud microservices and a PostgreSQL database. Since October 2021 I'm working for the company as a full-time Java Spring programmer.

My Work

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Weather Analysis System for Travelling

Java Android

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Portfolio Website

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I'm currently working on

E-commerce website for "Powłóczeni"

Python Django Azure Bootstrap

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Email me at: damian9777@gmail.com

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